Filmoteka Śląska
ul. Sokolska 66
40-087 Katowice
tel. 32 258 42 41


Andrzej Tuziak – manager

Małgorzata Łuczak – development of collections, exhibitions

Marcin Święs – sharing 35 mm film copies

Zyta Poprawska – restorer of film copies

Paweł Kieca – restorer of film copies

Adam Mankiewicz - digitization and reconstruction of film collections

Piotr Łepkowski - digitization and reconstruction of film collections

Piotr Goj - digitization and reconstruction of film collections


The Silesian Film Archive is the only regional film library in Poland. Thanks to it, we collect, store and share films on 16 mm and 35 mm tapes. Our resources also include DVDs and other film materials (photos, posters, scripts, press clippings), as well as magazines and books on a broadly understood film topic. Film collections are made available to cinemas, community centers and institutions that carry out activities related to the promotion and popularization of film and film culture.

Currently, the Silesian Film Archive focuses on searching for and archiving amateur film materials that document the history of the region and its transformations and can often be the only trace of the intangible heritage of our country.

The Silesian Film Archive, part of the Film Institution "Silesia-Film", runs the project "Śląskie Digitarium", which is implemented by four cultural institutions of the Silesian Voivodeship: the Silesian Library (project leader), the Regional Cultural Institute, the Film Institution "Silesia-Film" and the Opera Śląska in Bytom.